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The American tourist goes with the guide across London.
- All here at you such small, clamped, - is spoken by it(him). Is a building, for example, there would be in America time in ten above.
- About sir! It is psychiatric clinic.

Magnificently dressed young man in a red jacket on edge(territory) of a field asks the peasant:
- Sir, allow to pass(take place) to station through your field. I am late for a train departing in 645.
- Please! Besides if you will be seen by my bull you can be in time on a train which sends in 615.

English admiral and bishop fed sharp mutual hostility and took each case to mock the friend at the friend.
Once they have collided(faced) at station.
- The person on duty! - bishop it is weak-sighted has blinked the eyes and has sticked with a thick finger into a bemedalled breast of admiral. - when the train to Dover leaves?
- In 20 minutes, madam, - admiral has answered, - but whether it is necessary to travel in your position?

- If you were the present(true) gentleman, you would not persuade to do(make) me that I now do(make)!
- If you were the present(true) lady, you would not talk to a full mouth...

- Gentlemen, congratulate, at me the son was born!
- We congratulate, we congratulate! And how the wife?
- She yet in a rate.


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